Mrs Soto


acceptar- to accept
ayudar- to help
bailar- to dance
borrar- to erase
caminar- to walk
cantar- to sing
celebrar- to celebrate
cocinar- to cook
comprar- to buy
cortar- to cut
cenar- to eat dinner
desear- to wish/to desire
empujar- to push
entrar- to enter
escuchar- to listen
esquiar- to ski
estudiar- to study
ganar- to win
gastar- to spend/to waste
gritar- to shout/ to yell
hablar- to speak
invitar- to invite
llamar- to call
llevar- to wear/ to carry
llorar- to cry
mirar- to look at/watch
nadar- to swim
necesitar- to need
patinar- to skate
pintar- to paint
preguntar- to ask/ to question
quitar- to take off/ to take away
terminar- to end/ to finish
tomar- to take/ to drink
trabajar- to work
usar- to use
aprender- to learn
beber- to drink
comer- to eat
romper- to break/ to rip
vender- to sell
comprender- to understand
correr- to run
leer- to read
asistir a- to attend
vivir- to live
sufrir- to suffer
abrir- to open
recibir- to receive
escribir- to write
subir- to go up/climb/rise
hacer- to do/ to make
tener- to have/to hold
gustar- to like

¡Bienvenidos a las clases de español! 


Señora Soto

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Español I


 Please bring in your binder and Spanish-English dictionary by August 29, 2012.

Español II

 Bring your binder in by August 29, 2012.

Continue to review your verbs and previous vocabulary.

Helpful Links

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The best online Spanish - English translator. Use the forums if you have a question about how to say something.

Verb Conjugator

Plug in a verb and it will conjugate it for you! Use this to CHECK your work.. it won't give you the answer. You still need to know when you use each form of the verb!

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